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About Us

Crafts and Family Quality Time


Hi, Hello, Hallo, Ciao, Bonjour!


Welcome to our website! ♡


We started merel.speelt.plays.gioca ♡ a few years ago during the pandemic, as a way to find and exchange inspiration to help our daughter learn new skills in a fun way. 

We were welcomed into a wonderful and warm community of parents and we made some amazing friends along the way.

Very early on we noticed how much Merel loved to craft and how our crafting activities even brought us closer together as a family. 


Crafting together has become a daily activity and we look forward to it every single time. For us, crafting means family quality time.


Our website and Instagram page are our way of reaching out and saying thank you to all the wonderful parents out there. Through our crafts and templates we hope to help and inspire as much families as possible in their own crafting adventures! ♡


Merel.speelt.plays.gioca ♡

BTW       BE0794 843 536

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